Guilt Free Chocolate Chip Pistachio Biscotti

I took my original chocolate chip biscotti recipe and made them healthier. These taste delicious and are packed with nutritional value!

Chocolate Overload Brownies

These brownies are by far the best ever! Have fun with the flavors and get creative. Instead of chocolate chips use peanut butter cups, Andes mints or nuts. Options are endless!

Italian Rainbow Cookies

These cookies are not as complicated as they look to make. I love this cookie. It is a cookie and a little piece of cake all in one! Also, get creative with the colors!

Chocolate Chip Biscotti

These are a favorite in my family and are perfect with a cup of coffee!

Conversation Candy Hearts

Conversation hearts are a symbol of Valentine’s Day, but they are also a lot of fun to make at home and get the kids involved! I will show you how.

Chocolate Coconut Balls

One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day is the candy, so why not try making some simple chocolate candy at home.

Amaretti Cookies

These cookies are one of my favorite. They have a sweet almond flavor, crunchy on the outside and moist and chewy on the inside.

Jessica’s Christmas Cookie Recipe

Check out Jessica’s multi-use cookie recipe as seen on ABC 6 with Alicia Vitarelli.